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    • 03 February 2014

      The new museum of Moesgaard is featured in this month’s Mark Magazine.

      Moesgaard Museum in Mark Magazine

    • Even though Moesgård Museum exhibits our ancient cultural history, the frames for the artefacts and grave finds will in no way gather dust. As journalist Arthur Wortmann from MARK Magzine notes, the project has a "democratic spirit. Not only is the green roof accessible and inviting; other parts of the building itself are also open to the public."

      The article "Dig This" in MARK magazine, Issue no 48 explains the building's exterior's close ties to the surrounding landscape and the architects’ inspiration from archaeological excavations in the creation of the interior. But both museum director Jan Madsen and architect and project manager Niels Edeltoft emphasize the playfulness and democracy of the building - illustrated by the photos by Danish photographer Jens Lindhe.

      "More than a potentially iconic building and a destination for the more culturally inclined, it's a publicly accessible spot that wasn't here before," Wortmann elaborates.

      Arthur Wortmann was the representative of MARK magazine at the 2013 ‘Visit Aarhus’ press tour. MARK Magazine, published by FRAME publishers has since its first publishing in 2005 been known for producing professional and visually sharp articles concerning contemporary architecture.