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    • 19 March 2014

      Art and Architecture Combined at Kolding Campus

      At the University of Southern Denmark’s Kolding Campus, the artwork has been incorporated in the project from the earliest phases of the design. The intention being that the art is to be an integrated part of the architecture. The result is a strong dialogue between architecture, art and users.

    • The form and the facade of the building create a strong dialogue between the inner life of the building and the public outside. Both inside and out, large art installations working with the theme ‘TIME’ are integrated in the facades and the walls. What appear to be abstract art pieces are in actuality clocks, measuring time with colours, lines and circles of LED-lighting but also working in a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

      The interplay between function and aesthetics is present throughout the building. Throughout the design of Kolding Campus, there has been a continued focus on creating a stable framework for the learning environment while inviting students to think outside the traditional frame—to be creative and discover new ways to use the campus as a meeting place between the various disciplines. Furthermore, the play with angles in the central atrium creates new encounters between architecture, art and audience.

      The dynamic building form opens to welcome students, staff and locals. The transparency of the perforated facades gives a glimpse of the campus’ inner activities and creates a dialogue between the interior and the exterior. Throughout the day thousands of small apertures in the facade filter sunshine for a naturally but indirectly-lit study environment. In the evening, the inner light pours out from the building, making it appear as an architectural light sculpture.

      The German artist Tobias Rehberger has decorated the building. Rehberger is known for sculptures and installations that alter the way a spectator views even the most banal everyday phenomena. An art committee consisting of representatives from Henning Larsen Architects, the university ,the Danish Building and Property Agency and the assigned arts council of the Academy  selected Mr. Rehberger in a competition.

      Kolding Campus will be inaugurated autumn 2014 at the beginning of the semester.