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    • 25 March 2014

      Room for Absorption and Faith

      In connection with Herlev Hospital a new multi religious centre is being constructed. As with the new addition to the hospital, the center is designed by Henning Larsen. The building will be situated openly in the landscape and will be embracing the needs and beliefs of the different patients.

    • The center is a round building, divided into four rooms. Three of the rooms function as respectively a Muslim prayer room a Christian church room and a room without symbols. The fourth room works as a common area in the middle of the building. The Muslim room is twisted slightly, oriented towards Mekka. The Christian room will be appointed with Christian symbols as well as the organ from the old hospital church. The last room will be versatile, making it usable for everyone who needs a room for silence and absorption.

      All rooms will be easily accessible for patients in bed and the three rooms can via wooden sliding doors be opened up into the common area. Common for all three rooms is the use of organic materials, creating a contrast to the sterile wards of the hospital. The use of material enters into dialogue with the senses via smells and organic surfaces. The multi religious centre will be in connection with Herlev Hospital.

      A.P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fund for Universal Purposes has financed the construction of the religious centre.