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    • 26 March 2014

      Daylight on the Agenda

      Henning Larsen are continuously upskilling its workforce. Recently the coworkers have had the possibility to participate in a course in Ecotect. Ecotect is a software-tool used to simulate daylight, solar radiation and shadow analysis – necessary analyses when working with sustainable design.

    • Daylight simulation is one of the most important tools in creating sustainable design. The right amount of daylight can optimize the working conditions of an open plan office and cut down on excessive expenses of energy. To reach a daylight factor of 2% everything from the size of windows, glass type and interior design has to be thought through. All these factors can be included in the simulations, optimizing lighting and indoor climate.

      Ecotect can among other things measure the solar radiation’s influence on a façade. Depending on the chosen type of façade, the sun will be either reflected or absorbed by the material, making the choice of façade decisive for the building’s own climate but also for the daylight factor of the surrounding buildings.

      The continuing education ensures that sustainability is integrated in every phase of the design. The courses are given to both architects and engineers and will thus strengthen the communication between the departments.