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    • 04 April 2014

      Shortlisted for Museum and Theatre in Warsaw

      The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, in conjunction with TR Warszawa Theatre, is starting the process to select an architect who will be assigned the task of designing a building complex for the Museum and Theatre on Warsaw's Plac Defilad. Henning Larsen is shortlisted for the task.

    • The objective is to create a building complex on the north side of Plac Defilad, near MarszaƂkowska Street, with a total surface area of 26 000 m2. The planned building complex will not only provide headquarters for two of Warsaw's new, up-and coming cultural institutions, but will also launch the reconstruction of the capital's central square.

      There were 35 submissions from Polish and international offices. After evaluating the submissions according to the announced conditions, 15 companies have been allowed to the next phase. After submitting their initial bids, they will be invited to negotiate the terms of collaboration and the functional programmes of both the Museum and Theatre.