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    • 28 April 2014

      Prequalified for New S-train Station and Urban Quarter in Vinge

      Henning Larsen has, as the full-service consultant, and with MOE, Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) and Tredje Natur as sub-consultants, been prequalified for the competition for development of the new S-train station and adjacent urban space in one of Denmark’s largest urban development areas, Vinge, in Frederikssund.

    • Vinge Station will become the centre of the city. It will connect the city of Vinge across the railway and, at the same time, function as an example of successful integration of infrastructure within the city, in order to create areas that encourage recreation and activities.

      This is why the competition suggestions will have to present how the infrastructural challenges may be solved in the most appropriate manner, ensuring both efficient flow of traffic, aesthetic design of station and bridge, a well-functioning and attractive urban space both by the platforms and on the bridge, as well as interaction with future constructions.

      Henning Larsen Architects is the full-service consultant behind the master plan, with EFFEKT, MOE and Marianne Levinsen as sub-consultants. The total master plan will encompass approximately 4,000 workplaces and 20,000 inhabitants, a school, daycare institutions, sports centres, and other public facilities.