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    • 13 July 2014

      Cross-disciplinary Team Will Rethink Bellahøj

      A team with Henning Larsen and Erik Møller Arkitekter in front will perform the renovation of the well-known Danish residential area, the Bellahøj Houses, located just north of Copenhagen. With the project “Retelling Bellahøj,” the team won the competition for developing a vision for renovating and upgrading the construction. The winning team also consists of GHB Landskabsarkitekter, Orbicon and Rekommanderet.

    • The strategy for the renovation considers all levels, from the houses in general, the connection with the rest of the city, as well as the details on each building. Architectonically, the connection between the buildings as well as their individual characteristics will be recreated or enhanced, while maintaining the feeling of an integrated whole.
      The vision is to recreate Bellahøj as a residential area with a strong identity – a place where the residents feel proud to live and others dream of moving to. In line with the history of the built-up area, Bellahøj will form an attractive physical setting for a healthy life.

      “When the Bellahøj Houses were erected, they were a symbol of the Danish welfare state. There was a sense of pride connected with living in Bellahøj and feeling like a part of this progress. The goal is to once again make Bellahøj a symbol of new times. Along with the physical holistic renovation, a process of creating value, identity and a sense of pride for the residents will take place. Our strategy will thus extend beyond and last longer than the physical renovation,” says Signe Kongebro, Architect and Partner at Henning Larsen Architects.

      All the buildings will be systematically analysed, evaluated and valued. To create an unambiguous comprehension of the renovation work, which will be maintained by various different housing associations and advisors, a tool for planning has been introduced, ensuring the values of Bellahøj in the future as well.

      “Throughout five decades, Bellahøj has been renovated with a variety of requisites. The condition and lifetime of the buildings as well as the individual components are thus completely diverse. With our method, we can recreate coherence between the integrated whole and the diversity, all with a high architectonic quality and based on innovative and sustainable solutions,” says Morten Ørsager, Architect and Partner at Erik Møller Arkitekter.

      The project will be kick-started with a number of improvements, accomplishable independently from the renovation of the buildings. In this way the residents as well as the users of the area will get the sense of a positive progress already in the earliest stages of the project.

      The four housing associations AAB, AKB København, fsb and SAB administrate Bellahøj. By winning the competition, the team will be contracted as joint advisors for the four organisations, with Henning Larsen Architects as the lead advisor. The project design in itself will be handled by teams of full-service consultants, with which the housing associations will sign individual agreements.