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    • 24 July 2014

      In Competition for New Psychiatry Bispebjerg

      Henning Larsen has been chosen to participate in the competition for the New Psychiatry Bispebjerg, a future part of the existing Bispebjerg Hospital. In total six teams are participating in the competition for designing the 26.900 m2 construction and creating good facilities for patients, relatives and employees as well as ensure optimal conditions for research and education.

    • The New Bispebjerg Psychiatry will be located in connection with the rest of Bispebjerg Hospital and the building will accommodate several functions. Among other things the adult therapy in Psychiatric Centre of Copenhagen will be unified and the new buildings will offer optimal conditions for research and education, knowledge sharing and the implementation of modern technology in the courses of treatment.

      Unifying the Psychiatric Centre is an important step towards a cohesive continuity of care and the new facilities will first and foremost improve the conditions for the many different users.

      “The building will ensure that everyone who arrives at the psychiatry will feel anticipated and welcome, no matter if it being a patient, relative, employee, guest or a student,” Martin Lund, director in the Psychiatry of the Capitol Region explains.

      The project competition will be finished in 2015. At this point the final winners will be appointed and the construction of the New Bispebjerg Psychiatry will take place between 2017 and 2022.