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    • 17 September 2014

      Official Inauguration: SDU Kolding Campus

      Kolding Campus will be inaugurated in style when the University of Southern Denmark and the Municipality of Kolding invite counselors, students and citizens of Kolding to a grand opening ceremony and a week of festivities.

    • The inaugural week will offer a number of activities in connection with the official opening of University of Southern Denmark’s new campus in Kolding.

      The official inauguration of the new campus took place on Tuesday September 16th. The private event was held for University faculty, staff and board members, members of the Kolding City Council, and others involved in the creation of the new building.

      The event included speeches from, among others: the Director the Danish Building and Property Agency, Carsten Jarlov; the Chairman of the Regional Council of Southern Denmark, Carl Holst; and, Henning Larsen Architects Partner and Architect, Peer T. Jeppesen.

      Per Krogh Hansen, the manager of Kolding Campus expressed great excitement about the new building in his speech:

      “It has been a delightful experience to see the building being put to use. It is fantastic to see how the building provides space for learning across different study-programmes and for informal meetings between researchers, professors and students.”

      After the speeches, the chairman of the board of University of Southern Denmark, Lars Nørby Johansen, cut the ribbon at the end of the grand staircase in the central atrium, thereby officially opening the building.

      The celebration of the new campus is far from being over—on Wednesday September 17th, the campus opens its doors and invites all citizens of Kolding and the greater public to an Open House event. Throughout the day, tours have been on offer to introduce the innovative new building to the public.

      On Friday, September 19th, the students of Kolding Campus will be officially welcomed to the new campus, with a huge free concert in the parking lot in front of the University. The concert, called StudieRock, will feature Danish bands, such as Magtens Korridorer, Wafande and Duné.

      University of Southern Denmark, Kolding Campus is designed by Henning Larsen Architects in collaboration with Orbicon and Kristine Jensens Tegnestue. It is the first university building that meets the strict requirements of energy consumption of the 2015 Danish Building Regulations.

      Photos: Michael Yde Katballe