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    • 29 September 2014

      Henning Larsen to Develop Educational Material About Sustainability

      In a new development project, Henning Larsen will develop new educational material about sustainability to be used in the building education curriculum of the Danish Technical Colleges. The project is supported by a grant from the Danish Homeowner’s Association Investment Fund, GI.

    • The vision of the project is to bring Henning Larsen's’ knowledge of sustainability closer to the people who work with it. The educational material will focus on essential components of sustainability parameters such as daylight, materials, energy use and indoor climate—all crucial considerations in sustainable building.

      “Danish craftsmen are the direct and consulting link for the private homeowners, when they renovate or build new houses. The craftsmen assist with counseling on selection of windows, insulation, materials, energy savings, indoor climate, operation and maintenance. That is why they have to be well-equipped for this task” explains the project’s initiator, Signe Kongebro, who is an architect, partner and manager of the Sustainability Department at Henning Larsen Architects.

      The project arises in the wake of new reforms for the Danish Technical Colleges, effective from August this year. The reform prioritises sustainability as a learning goal. However, teaching resources to address this subject are lacking.

      “We see it as a part of our responsibility to contribute with knowledge in fields where there are gaps and missing links. We do not want significant investments in building projects to lead to new problems; we have to avoid building new buildings with poor indoor climates, that are built of non-recyclable materials, or are of decreased aesthetic value” Signe points out.

      In the first phase of the project’s development, Henning Larsen will identify needs, existing knowledge and knowledge gaps among teachers and students. Subsequently, the development of the educational material will be initiated, and scheduled for completion in 2015.

      The project is carried out in collaboration with Stahl wie Stahl and the Secretariat for Building Education.