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    • 05 September 2014

      Groundbreaking for the European Spallation Source

      Construction of one of the world’s largest research centres was initiated on Tuesday, September 2. The Danish Minister for Science and Higher Education, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, and Swedish Minister of Education and Research, Jan Björklund attended the ceremony in Lund, Sweden.

    • ESS will consist of a large array of facilities focused around an advanced microscope. With this microscope scientists will be able to observe and photograph single atoms of almost every type of material.

      Scientists and corporations can make use of ESS when analysing materials and biological processes in the development of new products, medicines, and bio-fuel to name a few.

      The European Spallation Source project is being supported by 17 European partner countries, with Sweden and Denmark as host nations. The ESS facility will be built in Lund, whilst the ESS Data Management and Software Centre Centre will be located in Copenhagen.

      The European Spallation Source is designed by Henning Larsen Architects, COBE and SLA. The research centre will be in service from 2019 and is expected to be complete in 2025.