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    • 10 October 2014

      Regional Train Station and a New Quarter in Vinge

      Henning Larsen has, in collaboration with an international team consisting of TREDJE NATUR, MOE A/S and Railway Procurement Agency, won Frederikssund municipality’s architecture competition to design a Regional train station and new quarter in the future town of Vinge.

    • The train station is part of a larger plan to connect the city to regional public transit. In the middle of the landscape, a circular urban space changes organically according to its surroundings. The urban space and the landscape stretch and meet to span the rails, ensuring that the railway does not divide the town into two parts.

      The proposal is seamlessly in line with Frederikssund municipality’s vision for the development of Vinge. The selection committee praised the winning proposal and expressed how it is “the proposal that best connects the train station, nature and town structure as one united whole.”

      ”We are very happy to be part of the first steps of the development of Vinge by designing the train station and the urban space surrounding it.  It is a symbolic strong beginning of a town development. Simply put, our idea is to create an integrated town space that connects the movements of the town and the landscape. In Vinge, the natural landscape becomes part of the town and you will be able to live in the countryside within the town,” explains Niels Edeltoft, architect and project manager at Henning Larsen Architects. Edeltoft’s team of designers at Henning Larsen Architects has also created the 370-hectare overall masterplan for the town of Vinge. 

      The fundamental idea for Vinge is to develop a new town where natural elements are not simply added at the end, but integrated from the beginning of the town’s development. The new Regional train station is an example of this holistic approach.

      The train station in Vinge is expected to be completed in 2017.