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    • 21 November 2014

      People in Architecture: The IT University

      Henning Larsen finds it important for architectural projects to give something back to the city and society into which they are built. The social media site Instagram underlines how cultural buildings can become part of people’s everyday lives.

    • Physical surroundings have a tremendous impact on people. An important success criterion is therefore a satisfied user and client group, who find inspiration in a building. As the photos show, the IT University houses a broad range of different events and activities.

      The ground floor comprises the common facilities; lecture halls, students’ café, canteen and library. All research and teaching areas are located on the upper floors. There are teaching facilities in open study areas surrounding the atrium and research departments in the calmer zones at both ends of the building.

      The building stands elevated above terrain. A metal clad frame folds around the entire volume in one singular dynamic movement. The glass facades inside the frame are divided into horizontal ribbons of glass of varying colour and character – powerful green-coloured glass, translucent glass and clear glass.