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    • 26 January 2015

      Daylight in Libraries

      A new survey investigates the experience of daylight at two libraries designed by Henning Larsen.

    • In the survey, 35 engineering students have evaluated the use of daylight at Gentofte Central Library and Albertslund City Library. The students have been asked how the lighting design supports the architecture and how much time they would spend in the building. On both questions, Gentofte City Library has received the highest rating.

      “There is a significant disparity between the daylight experiences at the two libraries, and it is striking how Gentofte library, which is designed on the basis of intuition, scores higher than Albertslund library, which is designed on the basis of the buildings regulations”, says Signe Kongebro, Partner and Manager of the Sustainability Department at Henning Larsen Architects.

      The design of Albertslund City Library is based on the requirements of the building regulations which demand a very even distribution of daylight. The new survey emphasises the importance of how buildings should not only meet the requirements, but also focus on the behavioral qualities of daylight.

      “Requirements are great, because they ensure that daylight is considered in the design process. But it is just as important that we remember the way daylight can create spaces, contrasts and experiences which lend a certain quality to the architecture and make it a nice place to be,” Kongebro points out.

      The survey is a part of the continuous research carried out by the Sustainability Department at Henning Larsen Architects.