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    • 03 April 2015

      Campus Kolding Wins Danish Aluminium Prize

      The main prize in ALU Award 2015 is awarded to Campus Kolding, designed by Henning Larsen. The prize is given to an ALU-project promising the industry to new heights. The Aluminium Facade’s section in The Danish Construction Association and Aluminium Denmark in Confederation of Danish Industry is behind the award.

    • ”The main prize 2015 is awarded to a building with a characteristic and innovative architecture in which form, function, sustainability, energy and indoor climate form a synthesis. In this context the façade takes on a crucial role,” justifies professor Per Heiselberg, Jury President, to the awards ceremony on Monday March 2nd.  

      The solar shading system consists of approx. 1,600 triangular shutters of perforated steel. They are mounted on the facade in a way which allows them to adjust to the changing intensity of daylight and desired inflow of light. When the shutters are closed, they lie flat along the facade. They protrude from the facade when half-open or entirely open and provide the building with a very expressive appearance. The solar shading system is fitted with sensors that continuously measure light and heat levels and regulate the shutters mechanically by means of a small motor. The dynamic operations of the façade are a key reason for winning.

      “The facade is dynamic and adjusts itself to the climate conditions and usage patterns to ensure optimum daylight conditions. It maintains comfortable indoor climate in the rooms along the facade while highlighting the building's sustainability profile. The perforation provides both an exciting sparkle in the facade when seen from the outside and inside. Illuminated from within the facade appears more transparent in the evening, which makes it possible the sense the housing activity. The facade thus contributes to "dialogue" between the building's inner life and the viewer outside," says Per Heiselberg.

      SDU Campus Kolding is designed by Henning Larsen Architects, the aluminium solution is designed and manufactured by Eiler Thomson Alufacader A/S and the consulting engineer of the project is Orbicon.