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    • 25 March 2015

      New Islamic Community Centre and Mosque in Copenhagen

      A new islamic community centre and mosque in Copenhagen is a modern, Nordic interpretation of Islamic architecture, and represents a new chapter in the history of Danish architecture, bringing this meeting of Nordic and Islamic building traditions to Denmark for the first time.

    • For half a century, Danish architects — among them Henning Larsen Architects — have been designing projects in the Middle East in which Nordic architecture meets Islamic tradition. One of Henning Larsen Architects’ first projects in the region was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was completed in 1984.

      In both Nordic and Islamic building traditions, the poetry of daylight is used to stage spatial experiences and give shape and meaning to a building. With impact, breaks and rhythm, daylight creates a sensual experience. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is experienced by Arabs as a Nordic-inspired building.

      Located on a corner across from of the district’s new library the new community centre will constitute an architectural rejuvenation of Copenhagen’s otherwise neglected Northwest neighbourhood.

      Composed volumetrically of a number of domes, the interior is experienced as a single space. The large and centralised inner court brings together the building’s two functions of community centre and mosque. A passage leads directly into the inner court, inviting passersby to visit.

      The community centre comprises a mosque, a café, bazaar, library, bookshop, classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and underground parking for cars and bikes.