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    • 07 May 2015

      Henning Larsen to Design Another School of Architecture

      The Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Regensburg, Germany (OTH Regensburg) will expand its campus with new facilities for the Faculty of Architecture.

    • Henning Larsen won the competition to design a new Faculty of Architecture building at OTH Regensburg. The winning proposal consists of a design concept and technical approach. The project will now move into the design phase.

      The Architecture building at OTH Regensburg marks the final phase in the university’s consolidation into a single campus. The new building aspires to be an interdisciplinary, open house as it will host not only architectural students, but also students within Industrial Design, Building Climate Control and Historical Building Research.

      The gross area of 8,800 m² will include four lecture rooms, faculty offices and meeting rooms, 16 classrooms, workshops, laboratories and a canteen. The new building is adjacent to other related faculties, such as civil engineering and mechanical engineering, which will further emphasise the multidisciplinary character of the department. 

      The new building creates an open study environment where students work together in open learning surroundings. The design creates a setting of mutual inspiration between classes and emphasizes the exchange of knowledge and ideas between students. The open study environment unfolds at the foyer and forms the main circulation route throughout the building, where it provides work spaces for all students. Four large stairways separate the area into different zones, creating spaces for informal meetings or lectures and breaks in between.

      The new school of architecture in Regensburg will be Henning Larsen Architects’ third school of architecture designed over the past few years. The other two are the recently inaugurated City Campus Aalborg, which houses degree programs within architecture, art and technology; and, Umeå School of Architecture from 2010 which has won a number of awards, including the acclaimed Civic Trust Award.

      The construction of the new Faculty of Architecture at OTH Regensburg is expected to be finished in 2019.