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    • 26 June 2015

      New Landmark in Sønderborg

      The largest hotel of the southern region of Denmark is now a reality. The hotel is designed by Henning Larsen and Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation (BMC) and PFA Pension invests in the construction. The municipally of Sønderborg develops in the harbour area.

    • The hotel is part of Frank Gehry's master plan which will change Sønderborg's waterfront to a new living district with homes, offices and urban life activities. The hotel will have 190 rooms, 3 restaurants, conference facilities for 400 people and various spa activities.

      "The new hotel will be a huge benefit to the development of Sønderborg. The hotel will generate growth and draw tourism to the whole area. The number of hotel rooms in Sonderborg will be doubled, and we will attract new conference guests, business people and tourists to the city, "says Peter M. Clausen, president of BMC Foundation.

      The hotel has an elegant and distinctive shape. It consists of a high and a lower tower. The lower tower is the same height as the neighboring buildings and the 18 floors and 72 meters high tower will raises as a beacon of the city.

      The tower houses a viewing platform with panoramic views of both the historical and modern part of town. All Sønderborg's citizens and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the city and the beautiful landscape from a new angle.

      Because of its height and central location directly at Alssund the building can be experienced from afar and up close. The building is a living sculpture in the city, that offers different motives and experiences, the closer you get.

      The buildings relate respectfully to the historic townscape of Sønderborg. The facade is inspired by the play of colors and the homogeneous pattern in the characteristic brickwork patterns. The façade which consists of aluminum panels and glass is a modern interpretation of a brickwork pattern, which weaves its way up the building.

      Towards the harbour the building creates a public urban space. To the south it forms a large space with terraces facing the water and the possibility of staying in a new urban space. The urban space connects the waterfront and creates a connection to Sønderborg Castle a little further south.

      The total construction is 25,000 m2, of which 11,000 m2 are hotel, 4,300 m2 are spa, 2,500 m2 are conference facilities, three restaurants spread over 2,200 m2 and 1,300 m2 foyer.

      The hotel's final name will be reviled during the summer. According to the plan the groundbreaking ceremony will takes place in the autumn, and the hotel is due for completion in 2018.