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    • 12 August 2015

      Kitchen Design by Henning Larsen

      In collaboration with the kitchen firm Reform Henning Larsen has designed doors and worktops for IKEA’s standard kitchen units. The idea is that more people should be able to get the pleasure of good design.

    • Henning Larsen Architects’ kitchen design is available in two editions: One is made of oak veneer with a band of copper strip, while the other is spray painted white or black with a steel band in the same colour. The simple kitchen elements can be combined in different variations.

      The interchanging warm and cool colours do not merely add to each other in aesthetic quality – they also supply a more pragmatic function: The different bands indicate where you should press the kitchen door to open them, while also protecting the surface from the wear of everyday use. The metal bands endure a harsher form of cleaning, and after some time the different precious materials will patinate and add a unique feature to your kitchen.

      The kitchen is inspired by a classic cabinetmaker kitchen. It retains functionality from all sides, so it can easily be integrated into a modern home, where different rooms like the kitchen, the dining room and the living room tend to melt together.

      Besides Henning Larsen Architects, Reform has collaborated with other recognized Danish architectural offices. The customized kitchens will be showcased for the first time at North Modern Conference August 13–15 2015.