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    • 20 August 2015

      Topping-out Ceremony for Frederiksbjerg School

      On Tuesday 18 August Frederiksbjerg School reached a new milestone, as the topping-out ceremony for Aarhus’ new primary school took place. The project is based on state-of-the-art principles for movement, learning and play, where daylight, human scale and dynamic spaces are key elements.

    • Kristian Würtz, Alderman for Aarhus Municipality’s Department of Children and Youth, has previously spoken about the project: “The building focuses on sustainable and educational principles and creates a good mix of green space and urban space. The building embraces the local area, and I look forward to seeing it complete”.

      The new school will mainly consist of four clusters, which each feature a small common square with niches, reading hammocks, multi-purpose furniture and mobile workshops. Additionally, each cluster will incorporate the outside terraces as open workshops and thereby encourage both indoor and outdoor active learning. The four leaf clover form will help create smaller spaces within the larger space, thereby evoking a more intimate and attentive space for children. 

      The façade of the new school will be built entirely from recycled bricks. The reuse of materials is one of many features of a sustainable strategy from which both children and the environment will benefit.

      The school is expected to be complete in time for the 2016-17 school year.