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    • 21 August 2015

      Selected to Design a New Campus Building

      Henning Larsen has been selected to design a new campus for the University College South Denmark’s Aabenraa campus.

    • The new building will house the University College South Denmark’s degree programs in social education, social work and nursing, in addition to supplementary training within these fields. The new campus will consist of a central common room, music and theater rooms, science laboratories, a learning center and a multi-use hall.

      The overall vision for the new building is to form a city within the city wherein each area has its own identity and unique spatiality. The building uses space as a strategic tool in the way the school is organized:

      “A city offers a wide range of experiences and makes space for differences, which we wish to integrate into the new campus. Moreover, the different identities of the individual sub areas make it easy for the users to find their way,” says Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen, architect and partner at Henning Larsen Architects.

      The building design takes its point of departure in a logical and well-arranged space sequence, which secures a long lifespan. The flexibility of space that results from these sequences means that different building components can be used for multiple functions.

      Additionally, daylight plays an important role in the design of the building. Daylight is used as a tool to enhance space and learning. Research shows that students achieve 5-14% higher scores in tests and learn 20-26% faster in spaces with good daylight (World Green Building Council, 2013). At the same time, daylight contributes to creating an extraordinary atmosphere in certain parts of the building. Daylight plays a crucial role, and is the primary reason behind the one-storey building design, which makes it possible to bring daylight into the building from several angles.

      “The solutions presented provide both side lighting from the façade and overhead lighting from the roof throughout the different educational spaces […] this provides good and well-lit spaces, and this has been well accounted for,” written in the statement from the judging committee.

      The four competition projects are currently on display at University College South Denmark in Aabenraa.