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    • 04 September 2015

      Healthy Housing

      Henning Larsen Architects is participating in the competition for a 1:1 demonstrational project, focusing on indoor climate in the home. The project ‘Healthy Housing’ is an initiative from Realdania Byg. In order to bring the newest knowledge to the project, Henning Larsen Architects is cooperating with Danish Technological Institute’s Indoor Environment & Building Examinations, Rambøll, Egen Vinding & Datter, Anders Christensen Engineers ApS and Exhausto.

    • Over the next two years, three new single-family homes with three different perspectives on Healthy Housing will be built In ‘Tommelisekvarteret’ in Holstebro. The aim for the new houses is to test sustainable solutions based on building materials, building methods, technology and user behavior.

      The three houses will each present a different approach on how to enhance the indoor environment. The ‘Baseline’ house will function as a point of reference for the other two. It will comply with the Danish building regulations for new single-family houses, but will otherwise not incorporate sustainable solutions.

      The other two houses have distinct takes on how to sustainably create a good indoor environment. The 'lo-tech' house will create the healthiest setting in the simplest way possible, and without the use of high technological solutions. Instead, focus will be on the use of sturdy materials and robust solutions, thus reducing the need for a technologically assisted indoor environment.

      The ‘hi-tech’ house, or ‘The Intelligent House,’ will be able to measure CO2 levels, humidity and temperature, while making it easy for the residents to interact with the house and intuitively adjust the technological solutions of the design.

      A former project by Realdania Byg themselves has inspired Project ‘Healthy Housing.’. In this project, the ‘MINICO2-houses,’ Henning Larsen Architects also participated with ‘The Adaptable House,’ a flexible single-family home, adjustable to the ever-changing needs of the residents, such as children, divorce or old-age, without unnecessary CO2-emisions or excess building materials.

      Architecture firms Henning Larsen Architects, A2 Arkitekterne, Force 4 Architects, Pluskontoret and Vandkunsten are all participating in the competition.