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    • 07 September 2015

      Groundbreaking Ceremony for the City Hall of Eystur Municipality

      On 17 August, 2015, the construction of a new city hall in Eystur Municipality on the Faroe Islands was initiated with a groundbreaking ceremony. The new city hall will house new public services, offices and town council hall.

    • A groundbreaking ceremony always marks the official beginning of a construction. Even though the ceremony for the new Eystur City Hall was modest, it marked the beginning of an exciting construction with great plans for Eystur Municipality. 

      Eystur Municipality covers five different settlements, and the new city hall and public services will enhance a greater unity across the municipality. The new building will serve as a pedestrian bridge connecting existing paths on opposite banks of a river.

      The 700 m2 city hall interrelates with the existing landscape by emerging as a soft surface of green grass. Towards the south, sheltered from the northerly wind, a landscaped space will be created from which Eystur’s citizens can enjoy the water and the view. By creating a recreational destination near the city hall, the building will contribute to reviving the surrounding area, which has historically been a gathering point for the citizens, but has the past years turned towards industrial use.

      Underneath the building, floodlight projectors will be installed, shining on the roaring river, which will project light back onto the building’s under-side. Inside the town council hall, a round window at floor level will provide a framed view to the illuminated river, and create projections of the water onto the ceiling of the town council hall.

      The project is built in collaboration with Eystur Municipality, KBH and Spenn.