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    • 01 October 2015

      Granted Reward for Youth Residences

      Henning Larsen’s youth residences at Rendsburggade in Aalborg, has been commended by the town. The building sets a significant scene for the student housing.

    • The committee for Awarding Constructions in Aalborg has awarded the youth residences at the waterfront of Aalborg designed by Henning Larsen Architects. Every year the committee awards buildings and constructions that stand out in regards to sustainability, context and the functionality of the building.  

      This year the committee consisted of an alderman, three town councillors, municipal architect Peder Baltzer Nielsen and two architects appointed by the Danish Architects’ Association. In the motivation for awarding the student housing at Rendsburggade 22 in Aalborg the committee writes;

      “Centrally on the waterfront, next to House of Music, a building with extraordinary demands for context as well as economy has been erected. The construction meets the demands with the dynamic layout, the light façade and with the outward-looking functions at ground level. The vigorous visual expression is united with the other buildings at the waterfront and sets a striking scene for student’s housing needs.”

      The Danish Architects’ Association encourages the municipalities of Denmark to reward architecture, to promot quality for both new buildings and in the maintenance of the existing buildings volumes.