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    • 16 October 2015

      Three More Waves on the Way in Vejle

      The original design for the Wave, located by the bay in Vejle, is being finalized. The construction of the last three wave crests is well underway and is expected to be complete during the next ten months

    • Reasoned an onerous financial crisis in 2009, the construction of the building – owned by Ejendomsselskabet Bertel Nielsen A/S – was set on hold and for six years the Wave only consisted of two wave crests. However, the construction of the last three wave crests has now been initiated, finalizing the original design by Henning Larsen Architects.

      Together with the public pier in front, the Wave creates synergy between the bay, the landscape and the city, and gathers the diverse elements in a clear and recognizable symbol. The Wave has throughout the years become one of Vejle’s landmarks, which is only expected to be reinforced when the three new wave crests start to appear during 2016.

      The three wave crests are built based on the original design, as so all five wave crests will appear as one united building. Each wave crest comprises nine floors and the five wave crests will contain 100 apartments altogether.

      In 2005, Henning Larsen Architects won the competition for designing a residential building in Skyttehusbugten by the bay in Vejle. The Wave was selected as the winner among 12 suggestions.