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    • 17 November 2015

      New Office Building in Stavanger

      A new office building on Løkkeveien, the main street in Stavanger, Norway, expands an existing historical building and engages with the surrounding cityscape. Henning Larsen Architects designed the building for local business Thorleif Sunde.

    • Built in the 1950s as a visionary and ambitious ideal of the modern workplace, the original building housed the automobile dealership of Thorleif Sunde. The new office building, which has been dubbed “Blidensol,” incorporates the visual identity of the 1950s modernist building in the expansion, and carries on the original vision for creating a modern workplace.

      The characteristic expression of the old building has inspired the form and façade of the new building, which takes its cues from and modernizes the aesthetic of the original. The two building volumes total almost 194,0000 sqft and will hold a number of different functions.

      The historic automobile dealership building will form the core of the new development. The old hall makes a visual connection to the historic buildings around it, and links the building with the city and its people. Offices will occupy the new building’s top floors, including the two towers of five and eight stories each. Public functions are programmed throughout the ground floor, offering an indoor extension of the street life outside. Ground floor cafés and shops open Blidensol towards a new recreational area within the context of the historic city.

      Within the new complex, indoor climate and sustainability have been essential parameters in the design of a number of components, including the façade, which optimizes the indoor conditions for users and visitors, while minimizing the building’s energy consumption.

      This approach to the building’s indoor climate is carried through to its impact on its surroundings and the immediate microclimate created by the new volume. The shape and orientation of the building ensure optimal outdoor conditions for sun and wind for the surrounding outdoor public areas, which include bike lanes a park, and entrance plaza.
      Blidensol will become the workplace of the future in an historic area, gathering a mix of functions and inviting the public to share the qualities of the past and future.