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    • 27 November 2015

      Partner in International Innovational Project for Sustainable Building

      Henning Larsen is a co-founding partner of the innovative project SUSTAINABLE BUILD. Fifty firms and organizations from all over the world take part in the project, which aims to strengthen knowledge sharing and working relations across the building industry.

    • Henning Larsen continuously works to minimize the environmental impact of both the building process and completed buildings over the course of their lifetimes. The recently established SUSTAINABLE BUILD initiative promotes a green direction for the building industry and sets a goal of creating more green jobs as well as reducing the negative social and environmental impacts of building construction.

      SUSTAINABLE BUILD is a two-year innovation project, initiated by the Danish Industry Foundation, Danish Architecture Centre and Leaderlab. To realize the project, producers, contractors, clients, firms, and organizations in the building industry have joined forces to make all aspects of the built environment more sustainable.

      The starting point for the project has been the increased focus on buildings’ energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The first phase of the project, BUILD-UP 2015, therefore sets the goal of identifying the specific challenges to and potentials of a sustainable change. Phase one furthermore identifies which participants should become a part of this future change.

      The second phase will be a ‘Call for Innovators,’ wherein the results from the BUILD-UP mapping exercises will form the basis for an international innovation challenge. In the third phase, the ten most innovative ideas will be selected based on their potential applications or for their promotion of knowledge about sustainable buildings.

      The results from the project will be available as inspiration for all production companies in the building industry.