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    • 04 December 2015

      New Residences in Carlsberg Byen

      Henning Larsen is behind the design of 13 new residences in Carlsberg Byen. A combination of new and old ensures that the building will form a natural entrance to the historic town district.

    • Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen is progressing fast. The company behind the historic town district recently announced a new residential project consisting of 13 owner flats under the proud name Jacobsen Hus. The building is designed by Henning Larsen.

      Jacobsen Hus will have an architectonic expression that combines classic villa with the modern neighborhood. During the design process, the architects have had a particular focus on creating a good coherence between new and old. Therefore, the history and surroundings are reflected in the building’s structure and material-use.

      “We have literally built the old Carlsberg into the new Jacobsen Hus”, says Mai Svanholt, who is an architect at Henning Larsen.

      “The façade is coated with recycled tiles from a nearby building. This is not only beautiful to look at but also sustainable, as cleaning and reusing tiles rather than producing new, cut down CO2”, Mai explains. 

      Jacobsen Hus will be placed in the northwestern corner of Carlsberg Byen and will be the highest situated building in Carlsberg Byen. Towards north the residents will get a view of Søndermarken’s treetops and towards south of the preserved buildings and the new district. The apartments are expected to be ready for occupation before summer 2017.