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    • 09 December 2015

      New Headquarter and Research Center for Jotun

      Henning Larsen has, in collaboration with Norconsult, designed and detailed a joint headquarter and research center for Norway’s leading paint and powder coating producers.

    • The new headquarter unites the organization’s research- and development department and administration, which were previously situated on separate addresses. Uniting the two departments, secure optimal conditions for competence development and knowledge sharing, which will also be visual in the layout of the 650 workspaces the building will hold.

      A social meeting place, which will gather the employees across departments and functions during the day, will be established in each of the office buildings. The meeting places are centered around a staircase, which supports the physical and visual connection between the floors.

      The main entrance is centrally placed in a low, transparent building that functions as a connection between the higher-placed offices and research units. Other public functions such as the reception, auditorium, conference center and cantina are likewise situated in this building.  

      Jotun’s vision for the new headquarter is a good and attractive workplace that strengthens the identity of the organization and contributes positively to the overall experience of Sandefjord.

      The 34,000 m2 large building therefore consist of several smaller building units that adjust to the surroundings in height, material use and geometry. This creates a varied expression of the overall architectonic impression and creates both inside and outside spaces, adapted to human scale.   

      The new headquarter shall receive the “Very good” certification in BREEAM Nor, Norway’s version of Europe’s leading environmental certification for new buildings, BREEAM. The sustainable strategy is based on employees and guests’ health and comfort, and knowledge on daylight, water, noise and pollution is actively used in the design process and will be visibly integrated into the finished building.  

      The building shall contribute to strengthening Jotun’s position as one of the world’s leading research units and producers of paint and powder coating for the shipping industry, to name one. The headquarters will be built in Sandfjord south of Oslo, where Jotun has been based since its foundation in 1926.

      Henning Larsen Architects has designed the proposal for the new headquarter and research center in close collaboration with Jotun and the consultant company Norconsult. The building phase will be initiated in 2016 and is expected to be ready for occupation in 2018.