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    • 22 June 2021

      Construction phase of New Hospital Herlev to begin

      In November, after a yearlong planning process, contracts of approximately 1 billion DKK for the New Hospital Herlev were signed. This means that the construction phase can now begin for real.

    • After four and a half years of planning, the construction phase of the New Hospital Herlev will now begin. This is due to the allocation of fifteen contracts with a total contract value of 1 billion DKK.

      “By entering into contracts we reached an important milestone. Before this, a long planning process took place, where both the hospital’s staff and patients were involved, to secure that we, with the New Hospital Herlev create the settings for first-class patient treatment”, says Project Director Connie Barfod.

      As principal advisers, Henning Larsen Architects has been present throughout the entire project planning process. Throughout this process the goal has been to create a healing hospital environment that combine all available knowledge into a symbiosis between hospital and surroundings, which altogether create a hospital of senses. This shall reinforce Herlev Hospital as an exemplary and innovative fore within health promotion work.

      The 56.000 m2 large extension will among others hold a new emergency room and a woman and child center including a pediatric and maternity ward. The new facilities are situated in two circular buildings that balance on a rectangular base, containing the primary treatment facilities. The buildings’ inter-staggering creates several inviting outdoor spaces in human scale and provides a contrast to the existing hospital’s 120 meters high rectangular geometry.

      Henning Larsen Architects is a part of the consulting consortium, together with Friis & Moltke, Brunsgaard & Laursen Arkitekter, Orbicon, Norconsult, NNE Pharmaplan og SLA.