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    • 12 January 2016

      New Educational Facility in the US

      The educational facility is the latest addition to Henning Larsen Architects’ extensive education portfolio also including the recent international competition wins; the Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia and the Forum Medicum Medical Faculty of Lund University in Sweden.

    • The new Lindner College of Business for the University of Cincinnati will offer 250,000 square feet / 23,200 m2 of world-class learning environments at different scales, including auditoria, group facilities, and shielded workplaces for individual studies, all of which will utilize the latest technologies. Moreover, it will provide students, professors, and the entire community with extraordinary spatial experiences on campus by opening up communal gathering places and atria within the building.

      The vision for the new business college reflects Scandinavian design traditions of putting people, space, and daylight first. As Henning Larsen Architects have more than 50 years of experience designing educational facilities in four different continents, the design for the new Lindner College of Business will benefit from the knowledge gained from numerous completed and on-going educational projects such as the award-winning SDU Kolding Campus in Denmark and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany.

      The project was won in collaboration with Cincinnati-based firm KZF Design and was selected from a shortlist of three firms that included Foster+Partners and FCB Studios International.