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    • 22 June 2021

      Nordea Bank Orestad Receives LEED Platinum Certification

      Nordea Bank Orestad, Copenhagen, will achieve the highest certification in the international environmental certification, LEED. The choice of material, indoor climate, energy and design will jointly determine the building's degree of sustainability.

    • The construction of Nordea Bank Orestad is based on continuous sustainable principles, and will as one of the first buildings in Denmark achieve the Platinum certification within the international environmental certification, LEED. The LEED certificate is the highest within sustainable constructions, measured by American standards.

      The certificate has high sustainable requirements for the construction of a building as well as the building process. Among others, it is expected that 20 percent of the used building materials are extracted locally within a radius of 800 km, while prioritizing recycled produced materials.

      Nordea Bank Orestad is built based on Nordic traditions with a material composition of slate, oak lamellas and glass. Besides the sustainable quality of the building in virtue of choice of material, the LEED certification provides requirements for good indoor climate conditions including optimum daylight conditions. This is factored in the building’s atrium and trading floor – the first in the world with a glass roof.

      “To optimize the indoor climate and daylight conditions, we decided to use the integrated sun shading, Microshade. This solution allows the daylight to reflect down the atrium, while still blocking for direct sunbeams. This means that it is only the diffuse and reflected light that will penetrate the building and therefore the employees will not experience being blinded”, says Lead Sustainable Engineer, Jakob Strømann-Andersen. “With Microshade, the employees will get the clear daylight and sky view, while avoiding direct sunbeams and heat gains”. 

      Nordea Bank Orestad is constructed from a functional disposition with both quiet and focused areas as well as spaces with life and activity. It is expected that the disposition will strengthen the internal corporation, innovation and knowledge sharing in-between departments and disciplines, in where the best possible working environment for each employee is possible. To ensure that all work places are equally attractive, the façade and skylight is optimized so that all work places have at least 108 lux and a maximum of 5,400 lux on the table. In practice, this means that the daylight will reach into the core of the building.

      Henning Larsen Architects works from a holistic approach with a focus on optimizing and integrating energy productive methods, which has led to Nordea Bank Orestad becoming a role model of sustainable architecture, with an energy consumption of only 41 kWh / m2 per year.

      The building of 40,000 square meters is scheduled for completion in 2017 and will house between 1.800 to 2.200 employees.