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    • 04 April 2016

      Wayfinding System for Lillebaelt Academy

      Henning Larsen’s Design Department has created a comprehensive graphic concept for the new Lillebaelt Academy in Odense, Denmark. Prior to formulating the design, the department conducted a number of studies focusing on the functions and users of the building.

    • Based on an analysis of needs and an overall wayfinding strategy, an intuitive and informative signage system, including graphics for the many glass walls, has been developed. The wayfinding concept is inspired by the architecture and the dominant materials of brick and aluminum.

      In a close dialogue with the developer, the designers have created a graphic concept that harmonizes with the robust and durable materials of the building. The concept has been to create a workshop atmosphere where the material palette conveys quality and durability.

      “Prior to a graphic design concept including wayfinding signs for a building, we conduct an analysis of the needs. Two buildings of the same size can have very different needs for signage, depending on the internal functions. This building is primarily used by students and staff, but at the same time, it will host events to which the citizens of Odense are invited,” explains Henning Larsen Architects’ Lead Graphic Designer, Bodil Nordstrøm. 

      “It is about determining the right amount and the right type of signs. In addition, we consider where they should be located and which type of content is relevant in different situations. The best type of sign is one where a user doesn’t spend too much time decoding or reading. Therefore, for a successful signage system, it is much more important to be clear in selecting the right information and placing it at the right location.”

      It has been essential to create a clearly readable design system that easily and intuitively leads users around the academy. The wayfinding system specifies font, colors, materials and pictograms that complement each other for a light and well-integrated impression. The system consists of a number of elements that all must meet functional requirements such as visibility, durability and flexibility.

      The core of the task is to meet these requirements, while being able to create an expression that is aesthetically appropriate for the project and suited to the architecture.

      Lillebaelt Academy is the largest business academy in the region of Southern Denmark and has locations in the cities of Vejle and Odense. The academy offers 32 higher educational programs.

      The new Campus Odense of 20,000 square meters will house about 3,000 students and is expected to be complete in August 2016.