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    • 27 April 2016

      A School in Motion

      Daylight, human scale and dynamic spatiality are the keywords defining the new primary school and full day nursery that will open in Aarhus, Denmark in August. Frederiksbjerg School will be a healthy and inspiring learning environment informed by the most recent principles and knowledge about children’s learning and development.

    • Henning Larsen Architects and GPP Architects has designed the school – one of the first primary schools based on the principles of the new Danish school reform. A key feature of this reform is to provide space for more movement in the pupils’ everyday life.

      The psychical surroundings of the school should therefore provide spaces which challenge and inspire the pupils.  As such, instead of just acting as a space for transport, the walking areas appear as multifunctional learning environments, encouraging the students to move, explore, play or sit. The goal is to strengthen the children’s energy, joy of life and desire to learn.

      “Frederiksbjerg School will be the best of its kind in Denmark. We will create spaces for movement, physical activity, play and learning. The students should connect and grow within the challenging and varied settings. The building will consist of large and open areas with high ceilings and spaces accommodating the needs for the group as well as the immersion of the individual”, explains Partner in Henning Larsen Architects, Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen.

      Children learn and thrive differently. The environments of the new Frederiksbjerg School is therefore conceived and designed to accommodate the children’s various ways of growing, thriving and learning. 

      The focus on creating spaces for diversity is particularly apparent in the school's teaching environments where the classwork can be done jointly or individually in flexible surroundings. Frederiksbjerg School offers both traditional classrooms, where a sense of communities can grow in a safe environment, as well as spaces for the individual study and for group work. The individual pupil or the group can also retreat and indulge on either the extended staircases, the several window sections and in the atrium.

      The new school reform has high requirements for spatial environments with a high level of flexibility. Therefore, Frederiksbjerg School creates a varied school day for the pupils with high professional quality as its point of departure. For the pupils in 3rd to 9th grade, the school day is organised around course-clusters - dedicated environments where the space is designed to comply with the demands of a certain course. The pupils will therefore need to move around during the day according to their schedule. This is done to strengthen their academic focus.