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    • 22 August 2016

      The Henning Larsen Foundation honours Bente Lange and Praksis Architects

      This year, the Henning Larsen Foundation honours Architect Bente Lange and Praksis Architects. The announcement was made on the founder’s birthday 20 August 2016.

    • Member of the board of the Henning Larsen Foundation, Bente Scavenius, gave reason for the nomination of Bente Lange. Among other things, she underlined her many restorations of historical and listed buildings. Bente Scavenius described Bente Lange as “a pure artist with an uncompromising passion and commitment. Bente Lange has an eye for the greater scale of things. Nature and culture always intertwines. Her architectural projects are to be seen in the light of our age. Everything she touches is taken care of with a historical insight, gentleness, and a functional perspective.”

      Bente Lange graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – the School of Architecture in 1981. In 1991 she became a PhD with her dissertation on the colors of Rome. She has been granted numerous prizes including the Nykredit Architecture Prize, 1989, and the Europa Nostra Award in 2002.

      On behalf of the board of the Foundation, CEO of Danish Architecture Cen-tre Kent Martinussen, gave the reason for the recognition of Praksis Architects, Mette Tony and Mads Bjørn Hansen: “Praksis’ primary works of adaptations, additions, alterations, and transformations, as well as new-built single family houses and larger, collective structures and buildings all contain a sense of understanding and competence. They combine knowledge about classical architecture and crafts with a radical and artistically gifted idiom and sense of materiality. Through this, Praksis finds and shapes their own authentic, architectural style. They take us back in time, through tradition and into the future.”

      Mette Tony and Mads Bjørn Hansen founded Praksis Architects in the Dan-ish town of Svendborg in 2006. Mette Tony was taught at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – the School of Architecture from where she graduated in 1998. She received the Eckersberg Medal of the Fellows of the Royal Academy in 2008. Likewise, Mads Bjørn Hansen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. He too, was awarded the Eckersberg Medal in 2008. In 2005 he received the Gold Medal of the Fellows of the Royal Academy.

      Bente Lange and Praksis Architects were granted each 50,000 DKK.

      At the ceremony the chairman of the Foundation, Architect Troels Troelsen, announced an upcoming competition on “Architecture & Music”. The competition calls for music that can cause dreams about architecture and make architecture and music fuse together in one artistic unity.

      The competition will be launched later this year and the winners will be announced on 20 August 2017.

      The board of the Henning Larsen Foundation consists of Architect Troels Troelsen (Chairman), CEO and Architect Kent Martinussen, Danish Architecture Centre, Architect Ingela Larsson, Bente Scavenius, MA Lone Backe, and Lawyer Niels Bang.

      The Henning Larsen Foundation was first established in 2001 with Henning Larsen’s private funds. Since then, each year on the founder's birthday on 20 August, one or more grants have been awarded.

      The objective of the non-profit and charitable Foundation is to support Danish architecture in a broad sense. A number of Danish architects have been awarded grants, and the Foundation has organised international competitions in the fields of architectural photography, architectural drawing and writing about architecture.