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    • 15 September 2016

      New School Supports Learning Through Movement

      The new build Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus, Denmark, is designed to inspire the children to move and play throughout the day. As a part of a healthy and effective learning environment, movement is an important element in the new reform of Danish schools.

    • A physical active day improves the schoolchildren’s learning and well-being, research shows. According to the new reform, children have to be physically active at least 45 minutes during the part of the day they are in school. Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus is the first new build school in Denmark where movement is key in the design.

      The school has just opened and the 900 children that move around the building each day can play and enjoy the school’s 40 activity areas in the halls and lounges. Parallel with the school’s main stairs, the children can climb a climbing wall instead of taking the stairs, they can play in the three big sports hall or play ball on one of the many terraces or the rooftop playing fields.

      The vision is to rethink how children go to school and design a school where children simply cannot avoid moving.

      Henning Larsen Architects has designed Frederiksbjerg School in collaboration with GPP Architects. The building follows Aarhus City Council’s program for new learning environments in schools and public institutions. The program focuses on a merge between the building’s organization and educational practice and purpose, which research proves have immense impact on children’s learning.

      The architects have collaborated with Møller & Grønborg and Niras. Hoffmann was the turnkey contractor.