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    • 08 December 2016

      Frederiksbjerg School Wins Building of the Year Award 2016

      The new build Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus is honored by the Danish building industry as one of the best and most important buildings of the year.

    • The Building of the Year Award is granted to projects that stand out from a technical perspective as well as a social perspective as the best and most important within their field. This was emphasized by the panel of judges, who handed out the award:

      “…Frederiksbjerg School now has the best possible environment for the students to get a good start in life – and thereby the school meets its responsibility to society and the individual child and family and at the same time leads the advancement of our school system.”

      Frederiksbjerg School opened in August. Since then, students from six to 16 years old have been able to learn and play both indoor and outdoor at the school. The school is designed so the students get the ideal surroundings for learning through movement, which the judges also pointed out in their statement:

      “A healthy mind in a healthy body – Frederiksbjerg School gives this traditional saying a new and relevant meaning. The school is an inspiring setting for the modern Danish school system that believes in both traditional academic learning and learning trough movement - and that both are equally part of the foundation for a long and happy adult life…”

      Among other things, the school has a climbing wall in the main atrium that works as stairs between the ground and first floor, 40 different activity zones, and big terraces on all floors.

      The Building of the Year Award is a Danish award, which was given to Frederiksbjerg School by the Danish Magasinet Byggeri on the 8th of December 2016 at a ceremony at the school.

      Henning Larsen Architects has designed Frederiksbjerg School in collaboration with City of Aarhus, GPP Arkitekter, Hoffman, Møller & Grønborg and Niras.