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    • 22 June 2021

      Karma Sushi Celebrates the Beauty of Simplicity

      For the new Karma Sushi restaurant in Aarhus, we have created an interior design with an atmosphere that supports the beautiful, raw food.

    • “Sushi is raw, aesthetic and visual. Something you also eat with your eyes. We wanted to create a simple concept for the restaurant, which does not draw focus away from the beautiful food, but instead frames it,” Sarah Müllertz Gudiksen explains. 

      Authentic and tactile materials of high quality - such as stone, wool, untreated wood, and leather - complement the rawness of the food

      Karma Sushi makes traditional, Japanese sushi with a Nordic touch, and therefore the interior design of the restaurant mixes Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics. Three natural core materials and a deep Scandinavian blue give a Nordic atmosphere that is combined with a Japanese tranquility elegance.

      “The experience of the room and the food mirrors each other. It has been the ambition of the design to create a holistic experience of the beauty of simplicity, that complements what can be found on the plate,” Sarah Müllertz Gudiksen states.

      We have designed everything in the interior concept from the overall planning to lounge furniture, tables, benches, lamellas, and counters. A design manual makes it easy to implement the interior design in other future restaurants.