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    • 25 January 2017

      An alternative to Nikoline Kochs square in Aarhus

      Henning Larsen’s proposal for Nikoline Kochs Plads, a mixed-use project in the area of Aarhus Ø, invites the city inside and creates a visual contact between the city and the harbor. The project contains an attractive shopping area, including an indoor market.

    • The distinct block consists of six buildings of 11-15 storeys that offer the habitants as well as visitors a free passage between the docks and the harbor. The buildings appear open and inviting with several access points and a broad variety of spaces and attractions, for example the urban Nikoline Kochs Square and the urban garden on the first floor.

      At street level, the public is invited into the square, which combines grocery and retail shopping and cafés in two storeys. The square will make Nikoline Kochs Plads the center and natural meeting place of Aarhus Ø. At the second floor, towards the marina, is a private garden and a common house for the residents. There is great variety and flexibility in the apartments, and all flats are organized and optimized in terms of inflow of daylight, wind and view. The added functions will add value to the area and support the development of Aarhus Ø as an active urban area buzzing with life.