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    • 03 February 2017

      Topping-out Ceremony at IKEA's most Sustainable Store

      IKEA introduces their most sustainable warehouse ever built with help from Henning Larsen

    • Through an extensive development process, Henning Larsen’s Sustainability Department has assisted IKEA with sustainable design methods and strategies in order to support the fulfillment of the organization’s sustainable goals.

      This week, the result of the process was showcased for the first time at the topping-out ceremony at the most sustainable new-built IKEA store in Kaarst, Germany.

      The IKEA More Sustainable Store marks a shift in the entire concept of the original “blue box” store, which is usually less impacted by external factors such as natural lighting. The process has led to a pilot store with varying daylight, energy efficient technologies, natural materials and exterior spaces, terraces and a rooftop for both visitors and employees.

      In total, the atmosphere in the new store is way more comfortable as well as an attractive meeting place, making the warehouse socially sustainable as well as environmentally sustainable.

      The process was initiated in the beginning of August 2013 and the store will open for customers in early Fall of 2017.

      Photo: IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG