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    • 10 March 2017

      New Visual Identity for Henning Larsen

      Henning Larsen’s graphic design team has developed a new visual identity including a new logo capturing the essence of the brand. The identity rolls out today.

    • For the past ten years, the internationalization of the company has gathered speed. The opening of the first subsidiary in Riyadh in 2008 kicked off the development of a global organization. Today Henning Larsen is represented by offices in six countries.

      The strong brand of Henning Larsen connects the global organization. We compete against some of the most renowned architects in the world, and the new identity will help us distinguish ourselves even stronger. Together with e-Types the external brand communication has been revised and sharpened.

      ”We work globally. We have clients and collaborators all over the world. To create connections is an inherent part of our work and a fundamental condition in our projects. To create connections between people, who can inspire each other, was thus a lead motive in the process of developing the new visual identity,” Jacob Kurek, Partner in Henning Larsen Architects and responsible of many of the company’s international projects explains.

      Henning Larsen’s new logo consists of the name and a line that symbolizes drawing and creating architecture.

      Henning Larsen is a strong Scandinavian brand. The company is known as a professional partner with the ability to deliver buildings and urban spaces of high architectural quality. We are behind award-winning cultural and educational buildings worldwide, and for the past years, we have specialized in designing and building sustainable office buildings for large, international organizations.