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    • 30 March 2017

      Henning Larsen Excels at International Workspace Design

      In recent years, Henning Larsen has captured a new market with a number of largescale office buildings with modern, network-orientated workspaces. Especially in Sweden, where the firm is currently working on a mixed-use tower block in Gothenburg and several public administration buildings.

    • Although Henning Larsen caters to many parts of the world, the Nordic countries remain the firm’s biggest market. This is evident in the firm’s portfolio of on-going projects in e.g. Sweden, where large-scale buildings like Gothenburg City Gate and Uppsala City Hall are well underway. Partner and head of the Henning Larsen’s Swedish operations, Søren Øllgaard, explains:

      “For several years, we have worked intensively on perfecting the ordinary office building. The workspace environments we design today are activity-based, support the health and well-being of the employees and give something back to the city to where they belong. We put great effort into surprising our clients by offering more than what is asked of us.”

      Søren Øllgaard points to Siemens’ new headquarters in Munich, which opened last year, where Henning Larsen’s proposal to establish a city shortcut through the building’s ground level has increased the building’s value – not just to Siemens, who gain a chance to interact with potential customers, but to the city as a whole.

      “Siemens is a sustainable building, which has been awarded the highest international certificates for sustainability. But it is also a building that encourages human interaction, both within the organization and without. The gathering points are a hotbed for new ideas, informal feedback and social interaction – all contributing to more competent, efficient and happy employees.”

      The fact that Henning Larsen and several other large Danish architectural firms are thriving on the global market for office buildings is not a coincidence. Svenska Teknik & Designföretagen states in the annual sector review of the Nordic building industry that the export of Danish architecture is increasing, and part of the demand comes from commercial organizations. However, commercial organizations are not the only ones who require up-to-date facilities to create a good work environment for their employees.

      “In the new city hall in Uppsala we have specifically focused on the interaction between the interactive spaces at the core of the building and the workspaces by the facade. By dedicating different areas for absorption as well as collaborative work, we ensure that the inner organization meets our ambitions for the artistic and architectural quality,” Søren Øllgaard concludes.

      The sector review, which was issued in December last year, highlights the new Microsoft Domicile in Lyngby, besides from Siemens Headquarters in Munich, as one of the firm’s most noticeable projects these past few years. The Sector Review also points to a generally tightened focus on internationalization and professionalization within the Danish architecture industry.