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    • 10 May 2017

      Climate Effort Shortlisted for the Copenhagen Business Prize

      The City of Copenhagen honors local businesses that generate growth, work places and demonstrate social responsibility.

    • Henning Larsen is shortlisted in the “Attractive City” category because of our engagement in the Copenhagen Climate Resilient Neighborhood. The City of Copenhagen motivates the shortlisting as follows:

      “Through its holistic approach to renovation and three dimensional rainwater management the climate resilient block serves as a model for sustainable urban renewal in Europe. […] The company generates growth in the city through international exposure of architecture and climate resiliency in the urban space.”

      The Climate Resilient Block is a pilot project based on four main strategic focus points: rainwater management; increasing recreational space by reconfiguring parking and introducing green areas; strengthening of the neighbourhood’s identity with community gathering points; and, optimization of existing buildings in terms of energy consumption, daylight and indoor climate.

      Another four businesses are shortlisted in the same category. The jury consists of representatives from the Copenhagen Business Council and the mayors involved. The winners of this year’s business prize will be announced on June 7.