• The Construction for CO-RO's New HQ has Started

    CO-RO, the global provider of fruit-based soft drinks, are building a new headquarters and innovation center in Denmark that we have designed. The new building will be a gathering place for the international organization, knowledge, products and innovation.

  • The global company CO-RO are adding a 4000 m2 building to their existing Headquarters in Frederikssund, Denmark. Henning Larsen was commissioned with realizing the company’s vision of a building with innovation at its heart.

    “We are building an innovation center. I like to refer to it as a ‘powerhouse’, where innovation is brought to the center of the company – quite literally since everyone can look straight into our new innovation lab,” says Søren Holm Jensen, CEO of CO-RO.

    Attention to openness

    The three-story building appears open and inviting. The workstations are organized with a focus on optimizing collaboration and interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing. Informal meeting spots are placed along the hallways and the desks. Thus, the building becomes a natural center of professional and social interaction.

    “The vision is for CO-RO’s global innovation lab to inspire creativity in the employees as well as guest researchers and customers every day. The building reflects quality and is optimized to inspire a dynamic workday in a healthy work environment,” says Architect and Partner in Henning Larsen, Søren Øllgaard.

    The building of the new Headquarters commences in summer 2017. Completion is due ultimo 2018.

    CO-RO are among other products known for their popular freeze-at-home-popsicle Sun Lolly.

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