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    • 24 August 2017

      New Office Community Breathes New Life Into an Old Concept

      A modern new office concept created by Nordea Properties and Henning Larsen has reinvigorated a number of Nordea Properties’ existing buildings with a comprehensive re-design.

    • Our Office is a flexible new office community in Greater Copenhagen. Henning Larsens team of interior designers and graphic artists developed the concept in collaboration with Nordea Properties, re-designing the buildings to create a sense of unity between the communitys various offices and establish noteworthy identity markers throughout the top-class facility.

      The project has revitalized the buildings with modern design that promotes well-being, fosters communities and enables customized workflows. Older buildings rarely manage to meet these essential requirements for modern office buildings, says partner and head of Henning Larsens design department, Sarah Müllertz:

      Many older buildings struggle with issues such as wasted space in long corridors, insufficient daylight and a lack of common spaces, so our prime task was to revitalize these buildings and breathe new life into them based on the traits we know that modern offices should have, enabling them to deliver renewed value to new and existing users,she says.

      Our Offices large common areas give users the opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge and cultivate a community; the rooms have been opened up to let in more light and the long corridors have been torn down to create a better working environment. We also focused on signs and wayfinding so that its easy to navigate the buildings and everyone feels welcome. The design was developed in close cooperation with the end users, who can adapt the private offices to the specific working conditions of their business,she says.

      Small companies, the self-employed and entrepreneurs are the target group for Our Office, and they all seek flexibility. They want an office space adapted to their specific needs, while also offering open spaces for interaction. That is the core concept of Our Office. Identity markers in the design and a strong graphic profile permeate all of the buildings to ensure a strong identity, culture and sense of unity.

      We have created a rhythm that follows all of the buildings. A slat that ties the concept together and can easily be incorporated into the various building edifices,says Sarah Müllertz.

      Building recycling

      Its a great pleasure that Nordea Properties has chosen to breathe new life into their buildings. Its a very sustainable approach to existing buildings, and you can achieve a lot in terms of revitalization through design,says Sarah Müllertz.

      One of the major tasks has been extracting and cultivating the buildingsinherent qualities, and then combining this with the future and optimized conditions for users. Its been a real joy to be a part of this process,she says.

      The concept has already been rolled out in three existing office communities in Lyngby, Østerbro and Glostrup. The ambition is to implement the Our Office concept in more buildings on a running basis.

      Nordea Properties is one of the largest and leading providers of commercial and residential properties in Denmark, managing a property portfolio of 2,700 commercial tenancies and 1,150 residential tenancies with a combined total area of approximately 1.5 million square meters.