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    • 02 September 2017

      Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall Turns 10

      As architects, few things are more satisfying than seeing a building stand the test of time and watching its many contributions to people and society. Today, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Uppsala Concert Hall.

    • On September 2nd, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall together with the city of Uppsala. Since its opening in 2007, the building has become an important destination in the city, inviting people to new experiences. It is a state of the art concert hall with unique acoustics. With its split crystal appearance, it draws in the public and invites everyone to come inside.

      The general public and passers-by can ascend the building through the pronounced red escalators in a spectacular, unbroken stretch over three floors to the main hall foyer on level 6 to enjoy the wonderful view of Uppsala’s characteristic skyline.

      In working with the design and construction of the Concert & Congress Hall, we aspired to design a building that considered the qualities of both the city’s historical center and the modern quarter of Vaksala. The vertical split in the building provides the audience with access from two sides – from the old, historical town, and from the modern and vibrant area on the other side. Through the horizontal split at the top are views of Uppsala’s characteristic skyline, which is dominated by castle, cathedral, and library.

      The building was awarded Stadsmiljöpriset (urban environment award) in 2008.