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    • 03 October 2017

      Frederiksbjerg School Receives Prestigious Award

      Frederiksbjerg School is this year's winner of Aarhus Municipality's Architecture Award in the new development-category. The school has previously been recognized for its innovative approach to learning through movement. The students are allowed to run through the corridors and climb the walls.

    • The new sustainable school building Frederiksbjerg School has attracted frat attention in Denmark and abroad. The school is designed to give students the ideal surroundings for learning through movement and is one of the first schools in Denmark to meet the requirement of the Danish school reform that students need to get more exercise during the school day.

      Tarzan tracks, climbing stairs and a rooftop terrace with a fenced-in ball court all contribute in encouraging the students to keep moving through the day. A strong focus on daylight, specially designed zones for group work and individual study and integrating the outdoor terraces in the lessons, supports a better learning environment.

      The school has a strong anchorage in the local community. The outdoor spaces, including an outdoor kitchen and playground, is shared with other institutions and a few residences.

      ”The building exudes activity. It supports movement in three dimensions and 360 degrees, as it is designed with the knowledge that children need movement. But children also need tranquility, which has been taken into account in the interior design.  On the sloping plaza towards Ingerslev Boulevard, people sit and enjoy the sun – also in the evening. With its many activities, the building has become accessible for the entire local community. It is livability to its highest degree,” the jury description reads.