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    • 04 October 2017

      Henning Larsen Designs Street Lamp with Louis Poulsen

      Together with Louis Poulsen, we have designed the new, energy-efficient street lamp LP Capsule that illuminates urban spaces like a modern, elegant lighthouse.

    • Street lamps must define urban space, provide a sense of safety and ensure the possibility of orientation. Whereas older street lamps are defined by a downward light that can often only be seen at close range, our new LP Capsule is designed not only to light up a specific spot but to be a beautiful source of light in itself - like a modern lighthouse showing the way.

      The design is based on LED technology, which makes it a more energy-efficient light source than the majority of existing street lights. Furthermore, LED technology provides an opportunity to experiment with shape, which has resulted in a circular, illuminated fixtured head that transforms into a light itself.

      “With our new lamp, you can see where the light is coming from, and not only the light itself. It defines a rhythm, a direction, and a scale in the urban space that is essential in creating a safe, urban environment with comfortable lighting,” the designer, architect Carsten Fischer, explains.

      The light is designed to be more than just a light source that illuminates a path or space. It is made to set a new standard of urban lighting and to give back to urban spaces by providing a safer urban space, and in an elegant and stylish way set a direction, create a frame for pathways and secure good orientation for people.

      In that way, the LP Capsule expands the functionality of a street lamp:

      “The principal condition for this lamp was that it should have an identity, illuminated as well as switched off,” Carsten Fischer says.   

      Lucrative collaboration

      Henning Larsen and Louis Poulsen share a common interest in creating aesthetically beautiful and atmospheric urban spaces where people thrive. A shared passion for design, lighting, and functionality also form the base of this collaboration:

      “We have a common, deeply rooted fascination for the power and beauty of lighting both at Louis Poulsen and Henning Larsen. The starting point for this collaborative design process has been the function and shape of the light,” Carsten Fischer says.

      Collaboration with architects grants Louis Poulsen designs that take the functionality of the lamps into account. After two years of development, LP Capsule is ready to be launched in September 2017, and hereby, Henning Larsen joins an exclusive line of Louis Poulsen collaborators, such as Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, and Vilhelm Lauritzen.