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    • 11 October 2017

      New District Town Hall in Ansbach on the Rise

      The new extension at the district Town Hall Ansbach in Germany just experienced the festive laying of the foundation stone.

    • Our new design for an extension of the District Town Hall in Ansbach connects directly with the existing building and forms a new entrance situation flooded with daylight. The construction has now officially begun with the laying of the foundation stone.

      “Our focus is always on creating livable spaces for people. For the extension of the district Town Hall in Ansbach, we changed the setting of the entrance to ensure short ways for employees. The transparent foyer combines old and new in a harmonic ensemble and ensures a welcoming atmosphere for both employees and visitors,” Werner Frosch, Partner at Henning Larsen and Managing Director of the Munich office, explains. 

      “The aim with this design was to ensure flexibility in terms of usage of office spaces. In this matter, the new building offers space for closed and open working areas and more conference and meeting rooms, which are accessible for interior and exterior usage,” he says.

      To meet sustainable standards, the extension is equipped with a photovoltaic system on the roof and triple glazing on the façade.

      Richard Bartsch, president of the district council inserted a time capsule in the foundation stone together with his representative, Christa Naaß and district council, Alexander Küßwetter, deputy of building trade and real estate to manifest the good wishes for the building. 

      The completion of the first of the two construction phases is expected in 2018, offering space for approximately 200 employees. For the predicted growth of the social services department, a second construction phase can easily be added.

      Experience with city halls

      Our experience in town hall building shows in various ways how to ensure economic and sustainable design.

      “There is a tendency that has affected city hall design in recent years. For example the combination of functions, such as housing units and retail. This adds to the economic sustainability of the new buildings and offers the citizens more reasons to visit the town hall. The more incentives the citizens have to use the town hall and use its facilities, the greater ownership they feel to the new house. It means a lot to the cohesion of the local society and adds great value to democracy”, says Louis Becker, Partner and Principal Designer of Henning Larsen.

      Henning Larsen is currently working on city hall projects in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Faroe Islands, and Canada. Several of these city halls are expected to be finished in 2017.