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    • 13 October 2017

      The Most Sustainable IKEA Store Opens

      Henning Larsen has consulted IKEA in the process of making the world’s most sustainable IKEA store. Yesterday, it opened in Kaarst, Germany, as a pilot project.

    • Henning Larsen has assisted IKEA with sustainable design methods and strategies in order to support the fulfillment of the organization’s sustainable goals through an extensive development process.

      This process just resulted in the “More Sustainable” IKEA store, now open to the public in Kaarst, Germany.

      The new design of the more sustainable store challenges the usual geometry of the well-known blue box. Many window surfaces and integrated daylight not only provide inspiring views but also increase the well-being of employees and visitors. Furthermore, the volume has been broken into smaller units, and the building ensemble is connected by green roof terraces.

      The surrounding landscape introduces an interface for dialogues and informal meetings to happen, the façade is made from wood and a new plaza, basket field and playground provides space for leisure activities open to the public regardless of the store’s opening hours.

      Great collaboration

      "We are delighted to have launched a lively and successful discussion with IKEA, as well as developed and created sustainable architecture together," Managing Director from Henning Larsen Munich, Werner Frosch, says.

      "Together we divided the volume of the well-known blue IKEA Box into smaller units. Thanks to the tangible inclusion of the exterior, the visitor not only has more daylight in the interior - the newly created IKEA Plaza and the walk-in roof terraces invites visitors to various activities. With this store, IKEA creates a meeting place for people and thus a unique contribution to social sustainability," he says.